“Irene, what do you do all day?”

 “Irene, what do you do all day?”

Is what many people ask me.

Helping changemakers to increase their IMPACT

I chose a business as a vehicle to help changemakers to bring in feminine or soft values like love, happiness and wellbeing into their organizations and our communities. It means that a lot of what I do is similar to what other business owners do. I spend some time on (online) marketing by writing about how you can increase your visibility and your IMPACT by telling your story and creating a movement for change. Sometimes I make a video or a video series interviewing inspiring leaders for change. Often I ask team members to help me with technical or organization support to make sure things work as they should.

Empowering groups to #bethechange

Regularly I am asked to speak or give workshops for an audience of leaders that want to lead for change. Every time I am grateful to see leaders inspired and feeling empowered to take the next step in their journey to #bethechange.  I loooove to be the match that lidstheir fire!

Helping changemakers to be visible working 1-on-1

On a daily basis I have wonderful conversations with leaders that want to start to increase their impact. Connecting with them and hearing their stories is one of my favourite things.

Some of these leaders decide to work with me … and that is when I am at my best! I get to know these changemakers in their field. Not solely as director of a health facility, as Alderman, researcher, or entrepreneur but I get to know the true Helene, Susan and Mark and what drives them.

Change comes from the inside out

In my 1-on-1 sessions, but also in my online lessons I help ‘my’ changemakers to connect to what they truly care about and align their personal values with the mission for their organization and their community. Together we build a campaign strategy to build a fanbase and #createamovement for change.

Expertise and knowledge combined with lots of FUN

With the strategy sessions I bring in all my knowledge of strategic communication, lobbying, campaigning and (online) marketing and I mix it with my expertise on how to get things moving in an easy, fun and effective way. Both for you and for your fans!

Feel the connection  

In between group sessions I give feedback in my group programme called the Changemakers Academy through a Facebook group. Or I respond to an email of one of my VIP changemakers to help find the exact right words for her story statement. In live events or online Masterminds we meet up to share the passion and struggles to be the change.


These are just a few examples of what my day can look like.


Want to be part of that?


Drop me a line so we can start the conversation to discover if I can help you in your path of changemaker!

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