I can help you to be a successful changemaker!

You have been reading some stuff about me. You know me for some time, and you feel that maybe you should give me a ring. But you are wondering if you are a changemaker and – if so – how exactly I can help you on your path to increase your IMPACT.

Are you a changemaker Y/N?

Well first of all, if you are figuring out whether or not you are a changemaker it is very likely that you are:

“Changemakers are those leaders that make a difference in their communities and organizations in a way that contributes to a happier, healthier world.”

These are the people who dare to stand up and speak out about what needs to happen in order to make sure we take care of the world and all living creatures in it.

Not sure if that is (or can be) you? Read my post Are you a changemaker?


Let me help you to be succesful…

Maybe you feel that increasing your IMPACT and making a difference for positive change is precisely what you should be doing as a leader in your field. But you might be wondering how to do that, how to become a succesful changemaker.

In short, I can tell you that becoming a changemaker means that you:

  • dare to speak up and #telltheirstory
  • can #createamovement and built a fanbase for their mission
  • but most importantly … that you have the guts to keep going for what you believe in … even though it is scary and takes a lot of courage. #bethechange

And these three things are exactly the things that we will be working on once we decide to work together.

… in a 1-on-1 programme tailored to your needs

I prefer working with you 1-on-1 as this has proven to give leaders the fastest route to increase their IMPACT in an easy, fun and effective way.

We will work together to get your story perfect in a story statement. We make sure you have a smart and effective strategy to create a movement of fans that will help you bring about the necessary change. Finally, we will keep working together to make sure that your message stays aligned with your personal values and that you feel confident as you roll out your strategy for change.

Now is the time to #bethechange

Do you think this could be just what you need? Send me personal message or an email atmail@irenejanssen.nlso we can explore together how I can help you on your path as changemaker.

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