How to be a successful changemaker

Lots of people feel they need to contribute to the necessary changes in their organizations.

They just don’t always know how to ACT like a changemaker.

Because, between thinking like a changemaker and acting like one, lies a huge gap.

And remember, it is not about leading a team or being responsible for a budget of 3 million, it is about making a profound difference for the world and the environment you work and live in.

“Changemakers are those leaders that make a difference in their communities and organizations in a way that contributes to a happier, healthier world.”

These leaders can really be found anywhere

Even at the schoolyard. Remember that dad that got the soda machine out of the school building? He felt strongly about the health of his daughter and her classmates and decided to take action. He knew how to #bethechange.

But what about if the same guy took action in line with his values about healthy living and eating in a different capacity? What if he would put a plan into place in his capacity as director of a child care facility to get rid of all sugared drinks? What if he would help his colleagues to put a healthy cooking programme in place for the children in his facility?

How much more IMPACT would that have on his organization, the people working for him, the children in his care and their families?

You can be a successful changemaker for your organization!

Maybe you wonder how you can become a changemaker? You might have tried to bring about change, but noticed that it was hard and unsuccessful in the long run?

I have worked for several years now with Changemakers worldwide and I have discovered that in order to be successful as a changemaker you need to:

  • dare to speak up and #telltheirstory.
  • #createamovement and built a fanbase for your mission
  • but most importantly … you have to have the guts to keep going for what they believe in … also when it super scary and takes a lot of courage. #bethechange

Does it require any special super powers to be a successful changemaker?

Well I guess the things above are pretty amazing if you master them.

However, the most important thing in being a pioneer or a changemaker is ….

… to simply START!

If you feel that you want to increase your IMPACT and #bethechange, put START NOW in the comments below and we start the conversation about what is your best way to start now to be a successful changemaker!

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