Are you a changemakers?

I often get questions about what I consider a changemaker. So here you go … please do let me know if – after reading this – you think you are a (potential) changemaker!

“Changemakers are those leaders that make a difference in their communities and organizations in a way that contributes to a happier, healthier world.”

These are the people who dare to stand up and speak out about what needs to happen in order to make sure we take care of the world and all living creatures in it.

I believe – and I know many of you do too – that our society and our businesses, are out of balance. Organizations focus too much on the short run, the short gain, next months profit, the next elections.

Hard or masculine values such as power, money and status are valued way too much.

In order to take care of the world, ourselves and all living creatures around us we need leaders that have the courage to bring in feminine values such as love, happiness and wellbeing into our organizations. These leaders can be changemakers.

Once these leaders decide to speak out, they become changemakers that help our organizations to stop throwing out plastics and people alike if we are ‘done with those’. If they act and inspire others to do so as well … we can start taking care of the world by truly valuing and celebrating life and the world around us.

This means that you are a changemaker if you are a father who takes action for a healthier canteen at your kids school. It means that you are a changemaker if you are working as a director of a health facility and you start a dialogue on how to contribute to your patients happiness. It also means that you are a changemaker if you take the lead as an owner, researcher, marketeer, or CSR manager to make a product line in your company that respects the cradle to cradle principle.

If you are still reading this, chances are that you are a changemaker. Maybe you are not yet ‘out there’, maybe you have already taken steps in your private capacity, maybe you are already working to increase you IMPACT for change.

Are you a leading for change? Or do you long to do so to increase you IMPACT on the world?

Put YES or NO under this post to let me know if you are a changemaker!

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