Speaking your truth is a scary thing … especially for women

As a changemaker, a leader who truly wants to make a difference in the world, it is so important to start by speaking up. It is only by telling your truth in an #authentic way that you can inspire others to join you. It is your first step to #bethechange

It can be very scary to do so because if we stand out from the crowd it makes us very vulnerable.

This goes for all changemakers but even more so for female changemakers in politics.

The reason for that is that the political environment anno 2019 is still very much a macho or masculine environment. So often a woman in politics is still the only one at the table. Or one of the few.

For example, the regional government in Limburg (Gedeputeerde Staten) consists of men only. In all of its history only 3 women were ever regional minister. The most recent female minister only lasted for part of the current term.

Just by looking at the picture when her cabinet was installed … you can tell it was hard for her … she tried to blend in with her black jacket … most probably got critical feedback and then changed her outfit drastically for the next official photo shoot.

She couldn’t win!

Even if she is not talking, she stands out. She is not the same.

0 – 1 for her … even before she speaks up about what she thinks needs to change.

With or without the black jacket, she is vulnerable as soon as she walks into this masculine environment that not only consists of men, but in which also a macho way of doing is the norm.

Now any changemaker who is about to start telling her or his story is vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage to speak up in order to inspire others for positive change.

But what if you already feel like you are standing out as soon as you enter the room?

You are twice as vulnerable as anybody else!

That is why it is particularly difficult for women changemakers in politics to tell their story. Women politicians who dare to stay true to their values, leaders who stand up, tell their story to inspire others for change. There are many good examples and I just want to point out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s successful courage to change campaign. As an inspiration to all those women who are about to take office in the next months.

You are my hero’s!

If you are a changemaker who is starting in office in the next few months, in politics or otherwise and you feel it is time to speak up your truth, to tell your story, dare to ask for help!

Send me an email to find out how I can help you feel sure about your story and your message.

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