Lobbying for happiness … WTF?!

“Nice to meet you, I am an advocate for happiness!”

That is an opening line that keeps most people’s attention. And really that IS what I do; I lobby for more happiness, love and wellbeing.

Not as some happiness goeroe that tells you to do yoga and take a mindfulness course, but in a different way. My plea is that more leaders should step up to bring in love, happiness and wellbeing into our organizations.

Most organizations today still aim for the short gain driven by a growth model that is sky rocket high; an endless, never stopping goal. It is all driven by hard or masculine values such as money, power and status.

This means that leaders in those organizations are driven by these values (or at least assessed on the goals in line with these values) even though they know that this isn’t in alignment with who they are and what they personally believe in.

That needs to STOP!

We need to start a movement for change.

We need to start lobbying & influencing or organizations and our society. We need leaders within our organizations to bring in those soft or feminine values such as love, happiness and wellbeing for a better balanced world that respects the theory of a donut economy.

Creating a movement for a better world is as simple as one person stepping up, speaking out and start making some changes to bring in love, happiness and wellbeing in every decision they make.

I want everybody to realise this!

I guess lobbying for happiness is my super power, what is yours?

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