I believe our society and our businesses, are out of balance. Organizations focus too much on the short run, the short gain, next months profit, the next elections.

Hard or masculine values such as power, money and status are valued way too much.

In order to take care of the world, ourselves and all living creatures around us we need leaders that have the courage to bring in feminine values such as love, happiness and wellbeing into our organizations.

So that we stop throwing out plastics and people alike if we are ‘done with those’ and we can start taking care of everything around us. It is about truly valuing and celebrating life and the world around us.

This means that our economies just can’t keep growing and growing infinitely.

Kate Raworth explains it rather well with her donut economics theory. According to this theory we need to respect the social boundaries if we don’t want people to fall behind in health, social justice and basic needs such as food, water and housing. We also need to respect the planetary boundaries on which we fundamentally depend such as a stable climate, fertile soils and a protective ozone layer.

“Between social and planetary boundaries lies an environmentally safe and socially just space in which humanity can thrive.”

– Kate Raworth

Most organizations today still aim for the short gain driven by a growth model that is sky rocket high; an endless, never stopping goal.

This means that leaders in those organizations are driven by these goals (or at least assessed) even though they know that this isn’t in alignment with who they are and what they personally believe in.

Creating a movement for a better world is as simple as one person stepping up, speaking out and start making some changes to bring in love, happiness and wellbeing in every decision they make.

I want everybody to realise this!

You can do that by buying less ‘cheap’ stuff; every plastic little toy that doesn’t have to be made is on little piece less on our landfills.

But what about if leaders are able to change one thing within their organization? By working towards a cradle to cradle product? Or by taking a more human approach to the ‘workforce’?

What an IMPACT would that have on the world?

WAY BIGGER than ordering a Dopper water bottle or not using aggressive weedkiller in your garden (although it does count if you do that too … just make sure to keep using that reusable water bottle ;))

It is my drive, my mission my WHY to help leaders, experts in their field to tell their story, create a movement within and outside their organizations so that they– together with their fanbase – can #bethechange.

Please do tell me …

What’s your WHY, your mission for the world?

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