The no. 1 secret for any (aspiring) changemaker

Knowledge = power ?!

Knowledge is power, that’s what I hear sometimes. And maybe this was true 30 years ago.

Today, however, there is no lack of (free) knowledge. Webinars, e-books, trainings, online courses, even Google will help you find so much information.

The power of knowledge in itself is in decline…

It is not so much about having or holding the information, but more about what you do with the available knowledge.

Therefore, the no. 1 secret for any (aspiring) changemaker is that in order

To #bethechange, you need to ACT!

Use the knowledge to take action

When we work together, I will make sure you have all the knowledge you need in order to create a movement for change. Strategies on grassroot campaigning, storytelling, marketing, lobbying … with 20 years of experience in working in strategic communication, lobbying and campaigning there are no more secrets as to how to inspire others to join you to create a movement for change.

But don’t expect to sit in and listen to all my successes (or failures) and all the books and knowledge I have stored somewhere in my head. When we decide to work together, we start with YOU, your knowledge, your story, your networks and how YOU take ACTION.

Your story, your strategy

It all starts with getting your story out in a way that it inspires others to join your movement for change. Based on your story, I help you design a strategy that works for YOU! And off course I do so in line with all the knowledge I have, which contains several strategies that can work.

So don’t expect a system that works for everyone. Yes, we go through some basic steps, but the outcome is always a strategy to create a movement for change that works for YOU!

Because in order to be the change, you need to ACT!

Is it time to stop reading & thinking about how you can contribute to change? Time to ACT? Contact me by email ( and we will discuss what your next step could be.

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