3 steps to contribute to positive change

These are the 3 steps you need to take as a pioneer or a changemaker with a mission for the world and you want to contribute to positive change. It is all about a clear message, reaching out to the right people and creating a movement for positive change.

You might be wondering though what to expect once we will be working together …. So I thought I would give you a bit of an insight in how I go about. But with or without me … these are the steps you need to take!

To me it is all about you, your message, your mission for the world and the audience you want to reach out to to create a movement for positive change. – Irene Janssen

Figuring out your authentic story

When we start working together, I will always want to get to know the real you. What are your values? What is your WHY? What is your drive to be the change in your industry, your business or organization?

I will ask you lots of questions, when we meet, but also in preparation if you feel like starting immediately!

Together we will find out what your authentic story is, your why, so you can tell your story to inspire others to join you for positive change.

Making sure you involve the right people

In another session we will build on your story to connect to your audience, your fans. Who are the people in (and outside) your network that you need to involve to contribute to change? Together we do a mapping of your (potential) network and we define what makes the main stakeholders interested in joining you in your mission?

Depending on your goal and your audience, we will come up with a communication or campaigning strategy that works not just for your audience, but for YOU. Because after all there are plenty ‘proven strategies’ (and yes I will tell you all about those!) but if they don’t work for you … they will not help you to create a movement for change.

Take action & make an impact

When you have clarity on your WHY, and you know how to tell your story in a way that inspires others to join; when we have figured out a campaigning strategy that helps you to increase your impact as a changemaker, you just have to do it!

So the last bit is all about implementation; I will make sure you keep going and get the advice to twist and tweak your strategies so you can #bethechange and truly increase your IMPACT on the world and on the people around you!

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