Work for positive change with Purpose, Power & Fun!

If we work together there is no holding back!

We dive into how you want to bring about positive change in your business, your organization, your networks. I give it my all in order for you to be successful as a changemaker!

Because as a changemaker you want to bring about change for a world with more love, wellbeing and happiness, right?!

You want to create IMPACT!

So make sure to be ready to be BRAVE & ACT to create a movement for positive change!

And I make sure you do so by working with PURPOSE, POWER en FUN!

Work with purpose!

I loooove the double meaning of purpose … as in having a purpose in live, a goal, a BIG WHY for all the things that you do. All changemakers should have clear understanding of their purpose, their WHY.

But for me it also means working with determination, perseverance, persistence. Because bringing about change is not just about ‘getting your story right’, ‘putting out a series of video’s’ or ‘doing a 6 week campaign’ it is really about persistence, about keeping the drive and taking action also when there is resistance (and you can expert it as a changemaker!)

Work with power

Let’s face it, if you are a leader or expert in your field and an (aspiring) changemaker, you want to challenge the status quo. You know that in order to bring more green into our cities, some moneymaking buildings might have to make space for trees. You know that if you want to bring in more humanity and wellbeing into our care systems, some well-known and often used systems have to go.

This means you will face ‘old’ powers and you have to create new ones. By creating your own (grassroot or bottom-up) movement, you are creating power for change. I will show you exactly how to do that so you can create IMPACT!

Work with fun … 

You don’t want to be the sour activist or the nerdy know-it-all. It’s no fun (not for you nor for the people you work with)!

So while we work seriously and seriously hard on your purpose and creating power for change, I make sure that it is also FUN! Together we dive into a world where you re-write the future of your organization, your business for a positive change. And while you create IMPACT, I make sure you enjoy every bit of it (oh well … most of it al least ;)).

You can expect critical and to-the-point feedback on your story and your campaign ideas especially when you try to sell me (or yourself) some bullshit excuses … but always with smile, a whimsical note or a little joke.

Because lets face it … life is too short to not play and have FUN!


Are you ready to be brave and act for positive change? Do you get exited about working with purpose, power and fun? Don’t hesitate to email ( me so we can schedule a (video) call to find out if we are a match!

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