“How exactly will we work together?”

“How exactly will we work together?”

is a question people ask me, so I thought I would give you some insight in how I like to work with changemakers that want to create a movement for positive change.

Working together I looooooove to invite you to my kitchen table. It is very practical as the table is long (I will explain that later) and my clients tell me my kitchen feels like home and gives you a change to be away from your day to day business.

Working 1-on-1 at my kitchen table

After a decent cup of coffee, we dive into your story.  I will ask lots of questions, starting with your values, continuing until we complete your story that can inspire others to join you in your movement for positive change. At this stage you #tellyourstory.

In another strategy session at my kitchen table we work together to map out your network and a timetable for your communication plans, grassroot campaign or lobbying. What actions do you need to take to #createamovement? How do you make sure that you create impact for positive change? You leave inspired to take action that same evening!

The wallpaper method

My clients have called it the ‘wallpaper method’ as I love to lay out a long piece of paper (like a roll of wallpaper) or just several sheets on the (kitchen!) table to draw a mindmap and make a plan that is clear and makes you feel excited to go out and start working on it!

Easy does it ;).

Working with me does not include a 40 pages working plan or a complicated matrix that only the designer of it understands, it means giving you simple, fun and easy to work with (visual) tools that will get you going (and keep you going) until you have reached your goals as a changemaker!

Real results

After the initial strategy work the real work starts. You are working to create a movement for positive change! This is the time that you are implementing things and I will make sure that you do so with confidence. We also keep monitoring and adjusting the plan to make sure you achieve the results to increase you IMPACT as a changemaker.

During this process, you can always contact me if you are stuck or have a question because to me it is all about making sure YOU get the results you are looking for as a changemaker!


How does that sound? Curious to discover if this is what you need to get ahead in order to be part of the solutions for the future? To be a true changemaker and contribute to positive change? Lets discover together in a (Skype) call. Just send me an email at mail@irenejanssen.nl. Talk to you soon!



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